Welcome to Kokoro Kai Iwama Aikido

KOKORO KAI IWAMA RYU, is dedicated to the research and practice of the traditional martial art of Iwama Aikido.

The emphasis is on the martial aspect of Aikido, including atemi as well as sword and stick. Training to the exclusion of all peripherals including politics and personalities.

Iwama Style Aikido is the style of aikido that was taught at Iwama dojo (in Iwama) by the founder of aikido,O sensei Morihei Ueshiba, and especially the lineage passed on through Morihiro Saito shihan, a close disciple who was given responsibility over Iwama dojo by O sensei Ueshiba.

Our dojo preserve and share the great influence of Saito Morihiro shihan while remaining faithful to the technical and spiritual heritage left by the Founder Morihei Ueshiba.

We continually try to improve ourselves through the intensive and systematic practice of kihon , and we believe each training session is a unique opportunity to feel closer to the Founder. I firstly apply this permanent training to myself.

Dojo address:

Ponsanooth Hall, St Michael's Road, Ponsanooth, Truro, Cornwall, TR3 7EE

Please phone 07423 123935


07423 123935
Ponsanooth Hall, St Michael's Road, Ponsanooth, Truro, Cornwall, TR3 7EE

Kokoro Kai Iwama Ryu Training times:

Monday afternoon to - Kids Class (6-12 years old)

Tuesday evenings to - Taijutsu (empty hand techniques)

Monthly bukiwaza times:

To assist with all student's progress in bukiwaza, we have arranged that a monthly session take place, dedicated to the practice of weapons. These sessions will take place between 9am and 12 noon on the following Saturdays:

  • TBC...

No politics just Aikido

To find out a little more about our club, our Instructors and how to find us, read the about us section and perhaps join us for your first free session (usually £5 for adults or £2.50 for under 16s).