Saito Sensei’s grabbed hand hardly moves at all when he performs the basic tai no henko. For this reason, he is not resisting uke’s grab. Uke does not sense how Sensei will move because his grab is not challenged. Sensei then blends, executes an ura pivot thereby unbalancing uke, while his posture remains rock solid.

Spotlight on Tai no henko: "Foundation of stable hips and the execution of ura techniques" -- Daily practice begins with tai no henko. First open your fingers. The basis of ura movements is footwork. Bring the toes of your left foot to meet the toes of your partner's right foot. Turn in a circular movement into a position along your partner's side. When pivoting, open your fingers fully and extend your ki. Learn to keep your hips stable regardless of whether your partner pushes or pulls. At one time the founder executed tai no henko with a single hand, but in his later years he used both hands. Pivot around and bring the fingers of both hands to the same level.

  1. From gyaku hanmi, your partner grabs your left wrist.
  2. Move your fingers inward, bringing your left hand in front of your abdomen.
  3. Twisting your hips inward, pivot to the rear with your right foot. Be sure to keep an upright posture and extend the fingertips of both hands parallel to your partner.

Morihiro Saito teaches Tai no Henko

Begin with Tai no Henko

Tai No Henko - By Morihiro Saito Sensei

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