The fundamentals aspects listed below are presented separately but are all connected. There is a little of each in every technique:


1.Adopt a neutral, non-aggressive relaxed stance.

Zanshin, MushinMa AiAttitude & Hamni


2.Don’t wait to be attacked. Offer the area that you want to be attacked or grabbed – this way you take the initiative and draw the attack out. You don’t wait for it. This gives your opponent the illusion that he has taken the initiative whereas actually you have.

Offensive Technique in AikidoIchi GanFighting Mind


3.Don’t clash with your opponent’s strength or meet it head on – move with or around it and use it. Blend with your partners’ movements by matching and mirroring the speed and timing of the attack.

Harmony, Wisdom & CourageAtemiAikido Is Not a Circular Art & Musubi


4.The fuel that powers Aikido is called Kokyu (literally abdominal breath power). This is different to muscular strength; it evolves over time and practice through hard, structured training.

Kokyu & Kiai


5.Train hard, fight easy is a military maxim that works equally well here.

Levels of TechniquesShoshinSteal the TechniquesAikido is Budo, Choosing Partners & The Secret to Aikido.


6.Stay physically and mentally relaxed through controlled breathing.



7.Weapons’ training in Aikido allows us to practice the principles in a clearer, more isolated way because you are unhampered by egotistical battles of strength.

Bukiwaza & Weapons Techniques.