26 Nov 2022, 14:52
Some people count numbers in Japanese, whilst others count in their own language. It must be daunting for beginners to remember alien words as well as movements.
21 Nov 2022, 17:55
Those who use ura a lot in their training become "hesitators"
25 Oct 2022, 07:58
22 Oct 2022, 10:48
I will never tell a seito that he/she cannot attend another dojo, I give them my advice.
19 Oct 2022, 12:58
Many people have asked me about the relationship between body arts and weapons training in Aikido. Most of those questions were influenced by the opinion (either positive or negative) towards weapons training by professional Aikido teachers.

Seito no Kangae

The way of showing respect and gratitude with the right attitude.
This is not an article about Kiai, though the experience it describes offered me a point of view on it that I had not considered before.
When we’re fortunate enough to work with a more experienced Aikidoka we have a great chance to learn.
After the bell rings and the vibration dissipates into the either we can enter a few moments of silence to illuminate our present condition in mind body and breath and raise the spirit for our practice of Aikido.
Over the years, on my journey I have encountered several people who’ve said that Aikido is ineffective as a martial art.