by Zac Hillier


In the quiet dawn of practice, we find
The joy of suburi, simple and kind.
Movements straightforward, with little to bind,
A path that seems clear, to the untrained mind.

Repetition, our faithful guide,
Brings the joy of suburi, in waves that collide.
Each motion, each moment, we keenly abide,
Discovering depths, where true secrets hide.

In this dance of detail, so finely defined,
The joy of suburi, intricately intertwined.
Each aspect, each angle, by patience refined,
Reveals a universe, within confined.

As elements blend, power redefined,
The joy of suburi, in practice, aligned.
What once was simple, now powerfully aligned,
A testament to what focus and diligence can find.

An endless journey, this path we've signed,
The joy of suburi, in our hearts enshrined.
What first seemed finite, infinitely designed,
A lifelong pursuit, in every movement defined.

In the rhythm of Aikido, our spirits inclined,
The joy of suburi, a treasure to find.
With each cut, each step, our fates intertwined,
A dance of discovery, to which we're assigned.