30 Apr 2022, 14:46
A history of Aikido from early history to the present day.
27 Apr 2022, 13:07
A great uke will attack with the necessary speed, direction, attack, precision, energy, resistance and intensity to fulfill the needs of the training exercise. These factors will all vary and be dependent on the level of tori they are working with and what they are learning.
21 Apr 2022, 22:11
Multiple adversaries should be seized as a whole, like a single adversary, while against just one attacker, movements suitable for multiple adversaries are appropriate.
21 Apr 2022, 10:21
The grand finale of each week at the Hombu Tokyo was Chiba Sensei’s Friday afternoon class. The term “battleground” comes to mind, a battleground of emotion. The emotional intensity, and range of emotions in that class was amazing — terror, fearlessness, vulnerability, and invincibility.
17 Apr 2022, 23:12
Hanmi allows movements in any direction and hence makes it possible to respond to attacks from anywhere.
13 Apr 2022, 19:54
Techniques and exercises that build the foundation of your Aikido.
11 Apr 2022, 23:09
It is always enjoyable to work with a partner you know and who understands you. He or she can be co-operative or even helpful to your particular problem at a given stage of training. However, if progress is to be made in training, particularly in the development...
11 Apr 2022, 16:25
A video interview with Saito Hitohira Sensei from Iwama Ryu Aikido France.
6 Apr 2022, 22:37
Understand the various levels of Aikido: Katai, Yawarakai, Ki-No-Nagare & Ki
6 Apr 2022, 16:42
In aikido Musubi has many meanings. In this instance I will discuss instant contact.