• As the sword rises the lower torso goes down.
  • We ground down while extending up and expanding out.
  • In our triangular stance, we organize the body to reinforce a strong central axis. Drop the shoulders deeply to engage the back.
  • We raise the sword, inhaling as we demarcate the centerline. The head rises up as the lower body grounds down. We touch the spine, involving the back to align correctly. ‘Touching the spine’ helps us embody that centerline sense (after a while it may not be necessary to actually touch). At this point, the hands are essentially ‘soft’.
  • The centre shifts slightly forward, initiating the strike with the exhale. Both hands engage equally. We wring the hands and bend the knees to ‘halt’ the sword horizontally.
  • Drop into the ground with the strike allowing gravity to help.
  • Hold the shape. Zanshin.
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