Dojo Cho - Rokudan (6th Dan)

Sensei has been practising aikido for over 55 years. He first started in the martial arts in judo aged 8 years old later he started karate grading to shodan. It was about this time he first met Bill Coyle sensei at a demonstration Coyle sensei was giving in aikido. After a brief discussion with Coyle sensei he gave up karate. He became a seito ( student ) under the instruction of Coyle sensei in Glasgow at Kokoro e aikido dojo - Hamilton Hill. Becoming soto deshi to Coyle sensei. He was graded to shodan by Noro sensei, then received his nidan and sandan from Chiba sensei. He has trained in the Iwama dojo, Japan under the instruction of Saito shihan and also attended classes at the Hombu dojo, Tokyo. Staying in Japan for 2 years. He attained his yondan under Saito Morihiro sensei . Years later godan from Tamura sensei.


Mann Sensei

Shidoin - Sandan (3rd Dan)

Mann sensei, started Aikido in 2005 with the Kai Shin Kai under the BAB and in 2006 also took up Aikibujutsu under the International Shinkendo Federation and was awarded his coaching certificate in 2007. Between 2012 and 2015, he took a break from practice. In early 2015 he found Kokoro Kai Iwama Ryu aikido dojo and returned to Aikido. Achieved his shodan in late 2015, his nidan in 2019 and sandan in 2022. Mann sensei is a major member of the dojo. Awarded Shidoin by sensei in 2020.


Coleman Sensei

Shidoin - Sandan (3rd Dan)

Having trained at a small aikibujutsu dojo in the late 90's for several years I joined a Yoshikan based dojo in Nottingham where I trained for 4/5 years attaining shodan in 2006 around the same time I was awarded my instructors certificate. I was also awarded my instructors certificate from the BAB, late 2006. After this I was part of a small dojo and taught Aikido in a mixed club along with Muai Thai and MMA instructors. I moved to Cornwall, took a short break from Aikido. I discovered Kokoro Kai Iwama Ryu dojo in 2017, I realised that this is what I wanted from an Aikido dojo, it is my home. At this present time I hold a san-dan grade and was awarded the title of Shidoin by sensei in 2022.