2015 Seminar with Daniel Toutain Sensei

The Kokoro Kai club recently attended the Hertfordshire Aikido Seminar with Daniel Toutain Sensei and would like to start be thanking all those involved in the organisation and running of what we found to be a thoroughly enjoyable (not to mention educational) seminar.

It was held over the Friday and Saturday, offering over 7 hours of training, during which all aspects of the Iwama Aikido syllabus were touched on at all levels, offering guidance for beginners right through to high level practitioners. The experience offered an insightful glimpse into the reasons behind a range of techniques for Ken, Jo and Tachi waza that Toutain sensei himself said would have us 'thinking' for months to come (which is almost certainly the truth).

We spent a lot of time on the mat listening to the detailed descriptions of what Toutain Sensei was trying to teach us. He did not just demonstrate the techniques, but detailed the reasons why things were done and described the movements we were trying to achieve. This allowed those that attended not just to practice something new for a single weekend, but to take away a deeper understanding that would allow continued development for a far greater time to come.

Meeting Daniel Toutain Sensei himself was a friendly experience. He applied his Aikido with a good humoured, no nonsense approach that made learning from him both easy and enjoyable.

Even thought it was a 600 mile round trip, the friendly greeting received from all the attendees, sheer range of knowledge available and instruction to be gained made this an unmissable experience that we were glad we undertook.


Sensei offered a great many tips and instructions for us to think on during the seminar, but said to us all that the conclusion of the seminar should be thus:

"Posture, posture, posture"


And so with that we shall say...

~ Banzai

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