20 Jo Suburi

The Jo Suburi is a collection of 20 moments, separated into 5 sub-groups. The following is a list of all the movements for the 20 Jo Saburi and the groups they can be found in.
Tsuki Series:

1. Choku tsuki – Direct (front) thrust
2. Kaeshi tsuki – Return (spiral) thrust...
3. Ushiro tsuki – Thrust to the rear
4. Tsuki gedan gaeshi – Thrust with low return strike
5. Tsuki jodan gaeshi uchi – Thrust with high return strike

Uchikomi Series:

6. Shomen uchikomi – Front strike, with stepping back
7. Renzoku uchikomi – Continuous front strikes
8. Menuchi gedan gaeshi – Front strike, low return strike
9. Menuchi ushiro tsuki – Front strike, thrust to the rear
10. Gyaku yokomen ushiro tsuki – Reverse side head strike, thrust to the rear

Katate Series:

11. Katate gedan gaeshi – One handed strike, low to high
12. Katate toma uchi – One handed far-reaching strike
13. Katate hachi no ji gaeshi – One handed figure “eight” strike

Hasso Gaeshi Series:

14. Hasso gaeshi uchi – Eight direction return, front strike
15. Hasso gaeshi tsuki – Eight direction return, front thrust
16. Hasso gaeshi ushiro tsuki – Eight direction return, thrust to the rear
17. Hasso gaeshi ushiro uchi – Eight direction return, strike to the rear
18. Hasso gaeshi ushiro harai – Eight direction return, sweep to the rear

Nagare Series:

19. Hidari nagare gaeshi uchi – Flowing to the left, front strike
20. Migi nagare gaeshi tsuki – Flowing to the right, front thrust
  • A 'thrust' (tsuki) refers to a horizontal strike at ones target with the tip of the Jo.
  • A 'strike' (uchi) refers to a swinging blow at ones target with the end of the Jo.