Dojo Cho.

Sensei has been practising aikido for over 50 years. He first started aikido under the instruction of Bill Coyle sensei in Glasgow at Kokoro E dojo - Hamilton Hill . He was graded to shodan by Noro sensei, then received his nidan and sandan from Chiba sensei. He has trained in the Iwama dojo, Japan with Saito shihan and also attended classes at the Hombu dojo, Tokyo. He attained his yondan under Saito Morihiro sensei then years later godan from Tamura sensei.


Sharp sensei, Shidoin.

Sharp sensei started aikido in 1998 in Edinburgh under Laurent Haquin sensei (FFAB). He moved to Kagoshima, Japan to study Iwama-ryu aikido where he trained for 3 years with Horiwaki Kenichi sensei receiving his nidan in 2004. He then returned to the UK where he trained with (chronologically) senseis: Paul Mitton, John Gorzanski, Matt Hill and at the London Aikido Dojo. In 2007 He spent 3 months training as an uchideshi under Saito Hitohira sensei in Iwama, Japan. He was awarded sandan by Daniel Toutain Sensei in 2015.



Mann sensei, Dai Sempai

Mann sensei, started Aikido in 2005 with the Kai Shin Kai under the BAB and in 2006 also took up Aikibujutsu under the International Shinkendo Federation and was awarded his couching certificate in 2007. Between 2011 and 2015, Richard took a break from practice, but returned to Aikido under Parris sensei and achieved his shodan in 2015.